Online Open Source Unix Certification


The Online Open Source Unix Certification is a series of 3 classes that will, upon successful completion, result in the awarding of a Certificate of Open Source Unix System Administration.  The three classes are:

  • Introduction to Open source Unix   (first class starts 8/1/2013)
  • Unix Administration I    (first class starts 9/3/2013)
  • Unix Administration II   (first class starts 10/8/2013)

Students who maintain an 85% (or higher) grade in each of the 3 classes are candidates for certification.  At the completion of the first introduction class, the student will be able to navigate the Unix file system from a command prompt, be able to create and edit files using the vi editor, create and edit web-publishable directories and attain a basic understanding of shell-scripting concepts and practices.

The second class, Unix Administration I, the student will install and learn to administer a Unix workstation.  The tasks will include using a compiler to build and install programs and utilities from source code and to use Unix utilities to maintain, backup and restore the workstation.  The installation of graphical  interface using X windows and the installation of a full functioning desktop environment will also be covered and required in the class.

The 3rd class, Unix Administration II, will cover the skills necessary to maintain a production Unix server in a multi-user, multi-client environment.  Emphasis will be on the daily administration tasks required of a proficient system administrator.  The student's final project will be to install the Unix operating system on a dedicated machine, install from source code a typical distribution of server-side packages, (Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgresQL, and others). 

Click here for the course syllabus

Course Length:

Each section contains 4 weeks of instruction and tasks that must be completed within 8 weeks of the start of each class while having maintained an 85% (or above) average in each class section for certification credit to be earned.  9 CEU's from NJIT will also be awarded.

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