NJIT Tuition

The Costs of attending graduate classes at NJIT depends on a number of things.  If you reside in New Jersey you will be paying the lower in-state rate.   If you reside outside of New Jersey you will be paying the out-of-state tuition rate which is higher.  Our Tuition Calculator will help you to clearly see what your costs will be. Also, learn how to best fund your education by visiting our Financial Aid Office web pages.

Tuition payments may be made by electronic check (no fee charged), by credit card (Master Card, Discover, or American Express) (service fee applies), by check, or by money order.

There are also payment plan options available:

You may opt to pay the current term balance in up to 4 installments. NJIT currently allows students to set up a payment plan in 4 ,3, or 2 installments for a flat fee of $100 per semester.

To set up your payment options, log in to your Highlander Pipeline and navigate to Student Services. From there, you may access you student account.

For more information about payment terms and conditions visit the Office of Bursar web page at http://www.njit.edu/bursar.

If you have prior student loans, you may still qualify for additional loans, and you may request the deferment of prior loans while you are at least a part-time student.  Deferment of prior federal student loans is also available due to other factors such as economic hardship or working in certain professions.  More information about deferment of federal student loans is available at https://www.myedaccount.com/

In addition, unemployed IT STEM Professionals may qualify for additional funding to retrain for a job. More information may be found here: http://www.upskillnj.org