Active Military & Veterans

NJIT supports military veterans' college benefitsService members and their families can complete degrees at NJIT that were begun at other higher education institutions; NJIT credit-transfer policies recognize non-traditional learning, military training and experiences, and other experiential learning. NJIT also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Scholarships and grants, exclusively for the military community, can also help fund your education.

Currently, veterans studying at NJIT, who are eligible for benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill or the Montgomery GI Bill, can receive military tuition assistance through one of these programs. And, best of all, these VA benefits are an additional source of assistance most familiar to those attending college, which originates from monies from the US Department of Education after a simple processing of the individual's FAFSA documentation. This makes veterans eligible for more overall aid; in other words, it allows for greater financial assistance.

In addition, many adult learners don’t realize they may also qualify for US income tax credits or tax deductions, including up to $4,000, depending on income. If your income exceeds the maximum established by the IRS to qualify for the Lifetime Learning tax credit or the American Opportunity tax credit (Hope College Credit). In addition, unemployed IT STEM Professionals may qualify for additional funding to retrain for a new job. More information may be found here:

A comprehensive breakdown of each armed forces' application procedure may be found here.

For more information about the financial assistance that NJIT provides veterans, please call 973-596-3479, email, or contact a financial aid counselor.