Adult Learner

Non-Credit Training

CPE at NJIT expertly designs training programs that are timely and effective. Whether you hire us to train your employees with the needed skills to succeed as a company, or study with us by taking a non-credit training class yourself, either way you’ll become more valuable to your current company or more marketable while seeking another.

Not much exists today in the way of traditional public and private aid for non-credit studies.  However, for example, in New Jersey, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development allocates millions of dollars each year to customized corporate training in order to enhance the creation and retention of high wage, high skill jobs in New Jersey. CPE at NJIT is a partner in accomplishing these objectives and will assist your company, at no cost, in applying for state training grants. If you’re individual seeking non-credit training your choices are more limited. You could see if your company will reimburse you. Depending on your financial situation, there may be funding available from your local public “One-Stop Career” Center. Every county in America has at least one such center.

In addition, unemployed IT STEM Professionals may qualify for additional funding to retrain for a new job. More information may be found here: