Online Study/Online Tuition - Per Credit

New Jersey residents studying online and/or on-campus will be charged, as always the in-state tuition rate.

However if you reside “outside” of New Jersey you may qualify for our new online tuition rate. The new online tuition rate will reduce the out-of-state graduate student’s tuition, bringing it closer to the in-state rate if all courses in a given semester are online. Because of the new online tuition, adults living anywhere in the country, as well as abroad, can afford to earn a certificate or a degree from NJIT. For international students this means that no Visa is required.

Out-of-state residents who choose to attend NJIT enjoy not only world-class degree programs but also significant cost and financial advantages over similar universities. Our Tuition Calculator will help you to clearly see what your costs would be or you can view these figures on this chart. Also learn more about how to best fund your education by visiting out Financial Aid Office web page.