eLearning FAQs

Where do I access my course materials and related info?

Courses are accessed through NJIT Moodle at http://moodle.njit.edu. Related materials may be found at http://elearning.njit.edu

What may I study entirely online?

You may study the following Master’s degrees entirely online:

The following Graduate Certificates are also completely online:


What are the GPA requirements?

The individual academic departments determine the required scores, but the general answer is 2.8 minimum undergraduate GPA to enter, and 3.0 minimum GPA to graduate from the program. Please speak with a Continuing Education Representative regarding GPA requirements, 800-624-9850 or email cpe@njit.edu.


Do I need GMATs or GREs for NJIT programs?

Depending on the major, the Admissions office may require GMATs or GREs. Once you complete your application, they will inform you of any necessary exams you need to take.


What does online learning entail?

Online learning courses typically consist of three primary components:

  • Streaming video lecture
  • An electronic discussion through which students conduct dialogue with a mentor and other classmates at any time of the day or night
  • Posted lectures, presentations, and notes

Students go to the online class any time of the day or night that best fits their schedule and can stay in class as long as desired during the length of the semester. Further, they can view the video lectures and discussions over and over until the content is fully understood, a capability particularly useful in absorbing technical subjects. Even their relocation during the course of the class is no obstacle to course completion since the course can be accessed online anywhere around the world.


Do I have to come to campus?

No, with online learning you do not have to come to campus, except for exams. If you live within 50 miles of NJIT, you must come to campus for exams. If you live farther away, you may request a proctored exam at a location convenient to you. Special situations are reviewed on a case by case basis.


What internet speed do I need?

56 k modem is the minimum requirement, but broadband is preferred.


What computer/operating system/programs will I need?

You may find the NJIT Baseline Specs here (as of fall 2012):

What happens if I have a problem or get stuck, whom do I call?

The Division of Continuing Professional Education is here to help you with any problems. Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 800-624-9850 or email cpe@njit.edu. Normal business hours are from 8:30-4:30pm Monday – Friday, EST.


How much time does online learning take?

Although you are not coming to campus and can log on any time during the day, the curriculum is still the same as an on-campus course. This includes at least 3 hours per week, not including homework and study time. The general course will ask for an additional 3 hours of studying/homework time per week, totaling roughly 6 hours per course per week.


When can I start?

NJIT follows a 15 week semester with classes beginning in September for the fall terms and January for the spring terms. Summer courses run on a condensed schedule and begin in late May for the summer terms.


How often do classes run?

There are three times per year to start classes.


Will I get the same attention I would get if I was in a regular class room?

Yes, we require all online instructors to respond to you in less than 48 hours.


What is the difference between online and computer-based training?

All of our courses are instructor-led learning with time sensitive homework assignments and quizzes. All online classes are interactive, with discussions between classmates and the professor. Computer based training is often just self-paced.


Is there an actual NJIT professor teaching the course?

Yes, all NJIT online courses are asynchronous and instructor-led. Usually the same professor that teaches the on-campus course also teaches the online course.


How and where do I take exams?

Online learning professors generally choose one of two methods in order to administer exams:

Personally Proctored Exams are given at the discretion of your instructor and at a time and location mutually agreeable to you and the Academic Department. Students take these paper exams while being monitored by an approved proctor. This approved proctor receives the exam from NJIT and returns it to the appropriate office.

Otherwise, online exams may be administered through Moodle.


How do I obtain my grades?

Grade reports are posted online through the secure Highlander Pipeline at the close of the semester.  Please contact your instructor if there is no grade submitted for the course you have completed.


Can I transfer credits from another university?

In order for a course to transfer, it must fit into your program. If you wish to transfer courses, you will need to have an official transcript sent to NJIT so it can be evaluated by the Academic Department.


How accessible is my professor?

At the beginning of the semester your Professor will communicate with you regarding office hours. Generally, you would communicate with your Professor electronically, or via the phone during the Professor’s official office hours.