Online Learning

Online learning allows students the chance to earn certificates and master’s degrees without coming to campus. Online classes are virtual learning communities with instructor-led online classrooms that use rich platforms to present course material as well as both asynchronous and synchronous communication.  Online courses are flexible and rigorous educational experiences suited to motivated students.

Online learning has a worldwide reach. Course material can be accessed through the Internet via learning managements systems that use multimedia presentations.  Students also download podcast lectures by using NJIT on iTunes U. Course materials is also presented to students as streaming video, CD ROM and DVD.

NJIT, a pioneer of distance learning, uses the newest and richest web-based platforms to deliver online content to students.  The ease and speed of the technology allows professors to focus on their students, not the technology supporting the class.  And most prospective students have the computer operating systems and programs they’ll need to support online class.

Online Learning is a convenient alternative for students who work, either part-time or full-time. It’s also well-suited for those who want to either advance in their current company or change careers. NJIT offers 100% online completion of:

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