Professional Development - Public Access Non-credit Programs

If you're looking for courses in high tech, high paying and high demand areas, look to NJIT.  Our Professional Development (non-credit) courses could help you launch a business or learn a new skill while giving your resume the edge it needs to keep you competitive.

Signing up for non-credit courses can be done in as little as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1
Check the current list of non-credit courses offered at NJIT.

Step 2
Create a NJIT non-credit login account.

* If you are a current NJIT credit student, skip this step. *

Step 3
Register for your courses and make account payments. (NJIT non-credit Banner Self-Service)

Access your online non-credit courses through NJIT Moodle

The video below demonstrates how to "Apply Now" for an NJIT ID account, and how to "Register and Pay" for courses:

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