Programs of Study

As a top American research university, NJIT is a proven pioneer in innovation and advancement.  Using three main types of academic programs and a flexible course delivery system, CPE has spent more than 50 years teaching adults what they need to know while maintaining a full-time job.

We also offer many courses online, helping our students to keep learning without putting their careers and lives on hold.

Master's Degrees

CPE offers programs leading to a Master of Science, in fields ranging from management and mathematics to computing sciences.

Graduate Certificates

CPE offers more than 15 graduate certificate programs, and the slate changes every year to keep pace with the hottest employment trends.  These comprehensive 12-credit graduate certificates include four courses and are designed to transition students back into formal advanced education.  Once accumulated, the credits can be applied to a corresponding Master's degree program at NJIT or transferred to another university.  Since the program's inception, 50% of certificate recipients have gone on to pursue a matching Master's degree at NJIT.  A customized graduate certificate can also be created to match your company's technological and managerial specialties.

The credential can be complete in as little as one academic year of part-time study.  A GRE or GMAT score may be required.  Classes may be taken at Newark, one of the extension sites or through the online learning option.

Professional Development

For Individuals

If you're looking for courses in high tech, high paying and high demand areas, look to NJIT .  Our Professional Development (non-credit) courses could help you launch a business or learn a new skill while giving your resume the edge it needs to keep you competitive.

For Your Staff 

If you're looking to provide your staff professional development opportunities, either for their personal growth or because new business objectives require new skills, learn how we can assist you.