Certificate in Business and Computing

The graduate certificate in Business and Computing will be technically oriented and focus on designing the sophisticated software systems and applications used by corporations, financial firms and Wall Street firms. Students will learn advanced computing skills -- networking and security, databases, data mining and algorithms. But they also study subjects such as accounting, finance, organizational behavior and marketing.

Who is this program recommended for?

Business-oriented individuals, systems analysts, information systems users and deployers, database designers and analysts, database and information systems auditors, and business systems managers.

What will I learn?

  • Management Accounting builds on traditional concepts of managerial accounting (break-even analysis, alternate choice decisions, profit planning, and transfer pricing) and develops the skills that an executive needs in strategic cost analysis. Explores strategic decisions of value chains and activity-based management. Emphasis on using managerial accounting data in executive planning and control.
  • Data Management System Design makes an acquaintance with fundamental notions of relational database technology. Mathematical properties and usage of database programming languages. Methods of database design and conceptual modeling. Methods of physical storage for database information. Fundamental notions of concurrency control and recovery in database systems.
  • Financial and Economic Environment is intended for public and private organizations. Issues related to interest rates, extraordinary rates of inflation, fiscal and monetary policy, and regulatory policy are integrated with market structure, cost and production technology, pricing policy, cash flow, risk-return opportunities, capital budgeting techiques, and decision making in companies.
  • Competing in Global Markets is designed to help prepare students to become effective managers overseeing global market activities in an increasingly competitive environment. It will examine the impact of global economic, financial, cultural, political, and legal factors on the development of marketing programs and on the marketing/R&D and marketing/manufacturing interfaces.
  • Internet and Higher Layer Protocols provides a foundation of knowledge of the Internet and its protocols. Topics include: Addressing, Routing and Forwarding, Classless Interdomain Routing, the IP and ICMP protocols, the UDP and TCP protocols, the layering models in OSI and in TCP/IP, IGMP, Routing methods (RIP, OSPF, BGP), The Domain Name System, The World Wide Web and http. In addition, students will be made familiar with use of a packet sniffer (such as tcpdump or ethereal) and with tools such as ping, nslookup and traceroute. Students will develop the detailed knowledge of packet headers needed to understand output of packet sniffers.
  • Data Mining covers the concepts and principles of advanced data mining systems design. Presents methods for association and dependency analysis, classification and predication, and clustering analysis. Optional topics may include Web and scientific data mining, knowledge discovery applications, and current trends in data mining.

Why study Business and Computing at NJIT?

The graduate certificate’s narrow focus allows you to dig deep into this specific topic, and start applying your knowledge sooner. It’s possible to earn the certificate entirely through online courses, so you can more easily fit it into your busy life. And whether you take courses online or on campus, you’ll learn from NJIT’s distinguished professors and instructors of the Department of Computer Science.


Completion of a Bachelor’s degree with a overall cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.8 or higher on a 4.0 scale in addition to some knowledge of C and data structures.

Related Degree Programs

The certificate in Business and Computing relates in its entirety to MS in Computing & Business or MS in Information Systems

Take Note

Check the course descriptions for more information. Some courses have prerequisites and must be taken in order.

Faculty Advisor: George Olsen

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