Emergency Management Design Essentials

The Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management Design Essentials focuses on the business side of emergency management.  It is closely related to the Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management for Information Assurance which focuses on the information systems side of emergency management.  These certificates share a common fundamental core of two courses out of four choices that span the nature of emergencies in organizations, their impact on individuals, and the information and communication systems that supports emergency management.

Emergencies are any event that disrupts the normal process and requires a change in behavior of the individuals and the organizations involved.  These can be man made, imposed by nature, or be the consequence of accidents.  They can be the result of negative happenings such as intentional bombing or the result of a positive event such as an unexpected demand for a company's product that will require an immediate major addition to a complex supply chain to meet the delivery deadlines.

Who is this program recommended for?

The Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management Design Essentials is recommended for anyone who is involved or interested in all the phases that occur in the Emergency Preparedness process: planning, training, mitigation, detection, alerting, response, recovery, evaluation, and improvement.

Why Study for a Certificate in Emergency Management Design Essentials through CPE?

CPE gives you options; Emergency Management Design Essentials can be studied partially online or at our NJIT Newark campus.  You’ll have access to the same outstanding facilities and professors, as full time NJIT students plus the flexibility you need to juggle all the aspects of your life.


NJIT Standard Admissions requirements apply to this graduate certificate. It is open to students with undergraduate degrees in Management, Computing, the Physical, Social, Biological, or Behavioral Sciences, Human Communication, and Engineering.

Students should know how to use computers have at least one undergraduate course in probability and statistics.

Related Degree Programs

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Check the course descriptions for more information. Some courses have perquisites and must be taken in order.

Please check the Registrar's website for full course listings and course profiles.

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