Certificate in International Commerce

The graduate certificate in International Commerce builds on a current specialization in international business as a degree track in the MS in Management. Most of the courses and faculty resources needed in the graduate program exist within the current MSM program.

Who is this program recommended for?

The international dimension is now accepted as important to business operations. Its importance continues to grow, yet the dilemma this presents for those who teach it is that it may be only a matter of time before the international distinction is dropped altogether. Now virtually all business activities have some link  to the international dimension. This program will prepare students for careers in large multinationals or small, rapidly growing international firms. This program is recommended for those who would like to diversify their skills as the economy expands outwardly.

What will I learn?

The MSIB degree is designed to improve student’s understanding of and preparation for international business (IB) activities. The objectives of the IB program are to help students:

  • understand and appreciate the diversity and complexity of international business issues stemming from cultural, political, social, legal, and economic differences across national boundaries
  • see how managers have traditionally managed the internationalization process and built an international organization
  • think of new and better ways of managing international business avocation, or calling
  • gain an in-depth knowledge of emerging international business opportunities and possibilities
  • gain a broad appreciation of foreign cultures and business practices through international student exchanges and engaging in international projects

Why study the International Commerce graduate certificate through CPE?

The NJIT School of Management recognizes the growing demand for e-commerce courses and e-commerce specialization. Even further, lecturers are now shifting their teaching styles to those involving international information systems and technology context. The graduate certificate International Commerce is the result of this.


Completion of a Bachelor’s degree with a overall cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.8 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Related Degree Programs

• Credential relates in its entirety to MS in Management.

Take Note

Check the course descriptions for more information. Some courses have prerequisites and must be taken in order.

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Please check the Registrar's website for full course listings and course profiles.

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