NJIT's MBA in the Management of Technology is designed to prepare a new generation of technology savvy business leaders.The curriculum integrates fundamental business knowledge with applications of technology to business to prepare students to think strategically about business and technology. The program is built upon four themes that are transforming business: a) the transition to a knowledge based economy; b) the emergence of the digital firm; c) the globalization of business; and d) innovation as the primary source of competitive advantage.

Why study MBA with NJIT?

The NJIT MBA program is specifically designed to cater to the needs of a technology world. It lends itself to any managerial position that which may involve a variety of new-age tools used in today's workplaces. This 48-credit program is also available 100% online.

What classes can I take online to complete the NJIT MBA?

Module I: Core courses
30 credits (or 10 courses) as follows (no substitutions):

HRM 601 - Organizational Behavior & Leadership (3 credits)
ACCT 615 - Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
FIN 600 - Corporate Finance I (3 credits)
MRKT 620 - Global Marketing Management (3 credits)
MIS 645 - Information Systems Principles (3 credits)
ECON 610 - Managerial Economics (3 credits)
MGMT 630 - Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions (3 credits)
MGMT 670 - International Business (3 credits)
MGMT 640 - New Venture Management (3 credits)
MGMT XXX - Management Consulting (3 credits)

Module II: Areas of Specialization
12 credits (or 4 courses) from one area:

Specialization Elective 1 - one each for MIS, FIN, MRKT (3 credits)
Specialization Elective 2 - one each for MIS, FIN, MRKT (3 credits)
Specialization Elective 3 - one each for MIS, FIN, MRKT (3 credits)
Specialization Elective 4 - one each for MIS, FIN, MRKT (3 credits)

Module III: Capstone
6 credits (or 2 courses) as follows:

MGMT 686 - Corporate Governance (3 credits)
MGMT 692 - Strategic Management (3 credits)

What are the admissions requirements?

Applicants to the MBA must submit complete transcripts of all undergraduate work and scores on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). The GMAT is required of all applicants except those holding master's or doctoral degrees from an accredited U.S. university. Up to nine credits of graduate work may be transferred from another school, provided that they are not counted towards a terminal degree at that school.

MBA Pre-Qualifying Requirements : Students are expected to demonstrate competency in the area of accounting, finance, quantitive methods, information systems and economics. Depending on the applicant's undergraduate degree program all or part of the pre-qualifier requirements can be met with prior undergraduate course work. Applicants who do not meet pre-qualifying requirements will be required to complete a bridge course.

Related Certificates

Some of our graduate certificates lead into the MBA:

Management Essentials
Management of Technology

Take Note

Courses in this discipline are kept relevant through frequent reassessment and modification. And because the field is always advancing, NJIT keeps pace by adding new courses regularly.

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