Cloud Architecture

The Cloud Architecture course will include hands on workshop, group project and a final group presentation. This course is designed to utilize a real life scenario of building a business and technical case to move workload to cloud from a traditional data center. This would require off-class group collaboration and preparation for presentation.

The final group presentation will be considered as the final exam for this course.


The class will include the following units in class and online. On-demand and printed/digital material will be provided for all the presentations:

Unit 1 Foundation of Cloud Architecture

Unit 2 Cloud Infrastructure Review & Comparison : AWS vs Others

Unit 3 Cloud Infrastructure Requirement: CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network

Unit 4 Application Performance Requirement for Cloud

Unit 5 Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Cloud

Unit 6 Security in the Cloud: Key Management, Encryption, and Data Security

Unit 7 Responding to Volume: Scale up, Scale out, Bolt-ons, and Interfaces and Mitigation of DDOS

Unit 8 Managing trade-offs for Business Needs : Cost Efficiency or Performance?

Unit 9 Taking an Enterprise Infrastructure to Cloud

Group Project – Migration of Current Infrastructure into the Cloud; there is a mock presentation and final; each is 8 hour long full day workshop.

Data Center Tour - The class also meets one time in a Data Center, and will have real life experience on a state of the art data center with tour of the facility and observing the aspects of comprehensive operations of the data center, which is in the center of the Cloud Computing.

At the conclusion of this class, the participants will be able to create and deliver a comprehensive project, from plan to execution, and present high level and detail level, to the executives and to the technical audience.


In class: 5:30  – 9:30 PM Tuesdays Apr 14, 21 and 28. Saturday full day class Apr 25 and May 2. Online: 6:30-8:30 PM Sundays Apr 19 and 26.


Group presentation to C-Level Executives, followed by detailed presentation to Directors.

Students who successfully complete the labs and finals get awarded the NJIT Cloud Architecture certificate with 3. 2CEUs.