Adult Learner

Cloud Architecture

Hands-On computer lab work is a mandatory part of this program. There will be an online exam at the end of each module. Students who pass will be qualified to advance to the next module. After satisfactory completion of all three modules, students will take the final online examination for CloudMASTER Certification.

Topics include:

  • Understanding application requirements - CPU, storage, network requirements
  • Understanding end user responsiveness expectations - performance and latency
  • Meeting application performance needs - scaling up versus scaling out
  • Understanding business requirements - security, legal compliance, budget
  • Meeting continuity needs for the business - planning for recovery from a disaster
  • Server consolidation and virtualization - Consolidating the servers (private cloud versus public cloud)
  • Managing denial of service attacks - Crafting a specific plan to avoid DOS attacks
  • Managing trade-offs while architecting for the cloud to meet business needs
  • Case Study: Acme Incorporated: Migrating the business to the Cloud
  • Understanding the current set up of the IT landscape at Acme
  • Understanding the Acme application needs from the cloud
  • Understanding the Acme user needs from the application
  • Identifying optimal geographical distribution of cloud assets for Acme
  • Architecting for Acme security, business and legal compliance
  • Planning for reasonable responsiveness with minimal latency while staying within budget
  • Translating the business needs into an actionable cloud blueprint

Date:  Class starts Tuesday July 22, 2014

Times: Tuesdays 5:30-9:30  July 22, 29, Aug. 5 and 12

            Saturdays August 2 and 9

Where: NJIT

Class fee: $1,600.00

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