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Cloud Technologies

Hands-On computer lab work is a mandatory part of this program. There will be an online exam at the end of each module. Students who pass will be qualified to advance to the next module. After satisfactory completion of all three modules, students will take the final online examination for CloudMASTER Certification.

Topics include:

  • Technologies at the User End: Native app versus Web app
  • Overview of Xcode: Writing  Hello iPhone app in obj-C (slides only)
  • Overview of Eclipse: Writing Hello Android app in Java
  • Overview of Flash Builder: Writing Hello Flash app for Adobe Air
  • Overview of SaaS: Using google docs (docs, spreadsheet, presentations) via the browser, editing, sharing, collaboration
  • SaaS: Using Microsoft Office365 for the Web and SkyDrive
  • Software as a Service:  Other Examples
  • SaaS: Bird's eye view into the design of flipbook, a facebook app running on the google cloud
  • IaaS: Signing up and setting up Amazon Web Services account
  • IaaS: Using eclipse to manage the Amazon cloud
  • Blogging/CMS as a service
  • Drupal as a service by Acquia/Drupal Gardens
  • Overview of Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud
  • Overview of Publicly Available Information on Apple iCloud (Needs no NDA)
  • Overview of Google AppEngine
  • Deploying a simple Java app on the Google AppEngine
  • Deploying a simple python app on the Google AppEngine
  • Deploying a simple Go app on the Google AppEngine
  • Using Google Web Toolkit in Eclipse to deploy a web app to AppEngine

Dates: class starts Saturday  May 10, 2014

Time: Saturday May 10, 9am-5pm     

 Tuesday Evenings 5:30 to 9:30 May 13, 20, 27, June 3 and 8

Where: NJIT

Class Fee: $1600.00

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