Online Open Source Unix Certification

The Open Source UNIX Certificate is a non-credit certification that teaches students the basics of the UNIX operating system. Over the years, UNIX has evolved in various ways and commonly acts as the engine for the Internet. Some of the topics covered in this certificate program include how to create and manage users, how to use the UNIX file system, editing and managing files, setting up networking, compiling applications, and installing UNIX server instances in a virtual private cloud environment. The certification is comprised of 3 individual 4-week courses: Introduction to Open Source UNIX, UNIX Administration I, and UNIX Administration II. Each course is offered on a rolling basis that starts the first Thursday of every month and includes 30 hours of combined class material and instruction.   

Certificate Program Curriculum

Each course is a standalone unit; students who successfully complete all 3 courses will be awarded a Certificate of Open Source UNIX System Administration.

Intro to Open Source UNIX

UNIX Administration I

UNIX Administration II

Navigate the UNIX file system from a command prompt and attain a basic understanding of shell-scripting concepts and practices. Build and administer a UNIX workstation using a compiler to build and install programs and utilities from source code. Maintain a production UNIX server in a multi-user, multi-client environment. 
Start Date: 10/13/16 Start Date: 10/13/16 Start Date: 10/13/16
Course Hours: 30 Hours Course Hours: 30 Hours Course Hours: 30 Hours
Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Length: 4 Weeks
Format: Online Format: Online Format: Online

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Certificate Requirements

Each course contains 4-weeks of instruction and tasks that must be completed within 8 weeks from the start of each class. Students must also maintain an 85% (or above) average in each course for certification credit to be earned. 


  • Tim Kellers