WebMASTER : Web Author Certificate

The WebMaster  TNG certificate program develops expertise in the design and content development of World Wide Websites  in three courses using the tools provided by the HTML5 standard, database integration and web site management.

Web Author general class topics

Defining HTML5

An overview for students on the features of HTML5. Students will learn about the relevant page layout tags in HTML5 as well as additional new tags and HTML5 form elements. Additionally, related technologies including Geolocation, Offline Storage, Drag and Drop, Canvas and CSS3 are covered.

Fundamentals of HTML, XHTML and CSS

Introduction to the fundamentals of HTML, XHTML, and CSS. These are foundation concepts describing standards-based web design: location of CSS styles (external, internal inline)

Introduction to CSS Layout

The CSS reset file role and how to create the basic layout structure using the CSS float and clear properties.  Establishing margins, padding with div elements, contextual selectors and using background images are also covered in this basic layout

HTML5 Markup

HTML5 sectioning elements and  other elements:  learn how to take a pre-existing web page (built in XHTML 1.0) and convert the pages DOCTYPE and existing div structure to HTML5 and the corresponding new sectioning elements.


Using the Canvas element and working with basic Javascript including using paths, basic shapes, colors, gradients, text, images, animations and simple bar graphs.

HTML5 Multimedia

In this lesson, students learn the basics of adding multimedia using the HTML element and how to ensure the video has fallbacks for different video codec support as well as browsers that do not support HTML5 at all.

Drag and Drop

Introduction to  the Drag and Drop API  identifying  unsupported features in browsers like Internet Explorer 9.

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