WebMASTER: Web Manager

Web Manager teaches the skills required to implement a host for a complex and modern website offering.  Using Apache 2.4 and/or Nginx as a web server platform, students will learn how to configure a modern webserver to support the new features included in page-based website hosting and dynamic web app distribution.  Topics such as the secure implementation of third-party languages like PHP, Ruby and Python are covered on a multiple site hosted platform.

Course Information

Last in the three-part WebMASTER Certificate series, Web Manager will provide students with an opportunity to create a hosted web environment designed to support the languages and features covered throughout  the certification and be able to customize that environment to fit specific hosting needs while being able to support the web server's standard implementations.  Upon completion of this course, students will have created a dedicated hosting environment on their own local machines that can be published to the public Internet.

Start Date: October 6, 2016 Course Length: 8 Weeks
End Date: November 24, 2016 Location: Online: Instructor-Led
Course Hours: 30 Hours Meets: Online
CEUs: 3.0 Cost: $1,050
Last Day to Register: October 5 Register For This Course

Who Will Benefit from this Course?

This course is designed for anyone already in or reentering the IT workforce with an interest in being able to create, develop, or maintain local, networked and Internet content using the newest technology.


  • Tim Kellers