WebMASTER Bootcamp

The WebMASTER Bootcamp is a non-credit certification that provides a full array of skills that any IT professional must master to stay current and ahead of the curve in modern web-based development. Students enrolled in the certificate program will learn the basic HTML5 standard dovetails combined with modern data management in terms of database storage, abstracted database communication and the underlying languages of information processing. Throughout the program, language such as PHP, relational database services such as MySQL and PostgresQL connectivity are taught with along HTML5. That instruction introduces the student to  strong database backend knowledge. Understanding modern web content servers such as Nginx and Apache 2.4 is also fundamental to the certification program. These skills, once developed, provides students with the ability to deploy content in any supported medium and is what will be used to define the next generation Webmaster.

Certificate Program Curriculum

The WebMASTER Bootcamp contains three individual 8-week courses: Web Author, Web Developer, and Web Manager.  Each course in the program is offered on a rolling basis and includes 30 hours of combined class materials and instruction. The WebMASTER Bootcamp develops expertise in the design and content development of websites using the tools provided by the HTML5 standard, database integration and web site management.

Web Author

Web Developer

Web Manager

Learn how to code simple HTML5 Web pages prior to using front-end applications for higher-level programming. Learn how to use the PHP language, FastCGI scripting, java servlet (Tomcat) and database connectivity to integrate data flows into the HTML5 standards. Learn how to deploy SQL Database server management tools and database server hosting using MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Start Date: 10/27/16 Start Date: 10/27/16 Start Date: 10/6/16
Course Hours: 30 Hours Course Hours: 30 Hours Course Hours: 30 Hours
Course Length: 8 Weeks Course Length: 8 Weeks Course Length: 8 Weeks
Format: Online Format: Online Format: Online

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Course Instructor

  • Tim Kellers