Online WebMASTER Certificate Program

The Online WebMASTER TNG professional development (non-credit) certificate is comprised of 3 separate courses. Together these courses provide the full array of skills that an IT professional must master to stay current and ahead of the curve in modern web based development.

The HTML5 standard dovetails with modern data management in terms of database storage, abstracted database communication and the underlying languages of information processing. Using languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, in combination with HTML5 and a strong database backend, the next generation of web content developers can extend the capabilities of created sites to the off-line world.

Once developed, the new content can be deployed to the public web, the enterprise, or even to a local user. Understanding modern web content servers such as Nginx and Apache 2.4 is fundamental to the content producer. The ability to deploy content in any supported medium is what will define "the next generation" (TNG) Webmaster.

Who should study for this certificate?

Anyone already in or reentering the IT workforce with an interest in being able to create, develop, or maintain local, networked and Internet content using the newest technology.

What prior skills should the student have?

Eligibility for the program is based on student's demonstrated general knowledge of:  web-based content using the prior HTML standard, database connectivity with web pages, and the process of serving public web pages on the Internet.

The WebMASTER TNG Certificate is comprised of three courses:

  • Web Author - Learn how to code simple HTML5 Web pages prior to using front-end applications for higher-level programming.
  • Web Developer - Learn how to use the PHP language, FastCGI scripting, java servlet (Tomcat) and database connectivity to integrate data flows into the HTML5 standards.
  • Web Manager - Learn how to deploy SQL Database server management tools and database server hosting using MySQL and PostgreSQL. Other topics include: Web server configurations (Nginx and apache 2.4), administration, web service APIs, server security, host deployment best practices, and the requirements of digital commerce.

Why enroll in an NJIT online certificate program?

Unlike learning on your own through self-study or networking with IT colleagues, this course offers a structured, learning environment with an instructor; and because it is online, it offers these important benefits without requiring any travel to an NJIT classroom.

Certificate is from NJIT, a leading technology university.

Successful completion of this class allows students to list their training and skills on a resume and to speak about it during an interview for employment or promotion. The certificate is an university credential attesting to the successful student's skills in the web content field.

How does this certificate tie into NJIT’s iOS Application Development& Android Developer classes?

HTML5 allows for the cross platform development of web apps for devices that don't share a common operating system. For example, using HTML5 and the WebKit it is possible to create web apps that run on platforms as different as Android, iOS and the Surface tablets. NJIT also offers graduate courses on related topics that can be considered companion courses and can be taken by visiting students on a non-degree basis.

If someone only takes one or two classes will they still benefit?

Each class is a standalone unit, but the second and third classes are built upon the material from the first. There likely would be more benefit to taking the first class and second class than beginning with the second class and continuing into the 3rd class, but NJIT professionals stand ready to offer you advice.

Students who successfully complete all 3 courses will be awarded a WebMASTER TNG Certificate. Students will also receive individual Certificates of Completion, each issuing 3 CEUs per each successfully completed course.

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