Certificate in Project Management

NJIT recognizes the industry need for highly skilled individuals to plan project implementation and control progress, along with the ability to estimate, budget, and control capital investments.  Project Management courses are taught by instructors with experience in the field and PMP certification. Many students find that this program enhances their work performance and marketability.

Who is this program recommended for?

This certificate program is intended for individuals seeking to enhance their project management skills and relates to Engineering Management.

What will I learn?

  • Project Control focuses on the methodology that can be employed to plan project implementation and control progress.
  • Cost Estimating for Capital Projects examines internal and external influences on the economic practices of business; classical and current theories of economic behavior; contemporary analytical techniques; behavior of costs, prices, and profits; demand analysis, competition and monopoly; capital expenditure planning; profit theories and business cycles; and econometric models of market strategies, competitive action, and demand behavior.
  • Project Management focuses on technical-oriented projects, however the principles discussed are applicable to the management of any project. Topics include time, cost considerations, cash flow forecasting, financial and performance control, documentation.
  • Construction Management is comprised of a study of an individual firm in relation to the entire construction industry. Topics include contractor organization and management, legal aspects of construction, and financial planning.
  • Legal Aspects in Environmental Engineering discusses the control of air, water, and solid waste pollution by federal, state, and local government statutes and international law.
  • Legal Aspects in Construction is an introduction to the legal factors affecting construction activities: contract responsibilities of contractors, engineers, and owners; subcontracts and third-party liability; construction law and code compliance; and insurance and bonds.
  • Legal, Ethical and Intellectual Property Issues for Engineering Managers is an introduction to various environmental, product liability, health and safety, and intellectual property, legal, as well as ethical, issues facing engineering managers. Current New Jersey and federal laws and pending legal actions in these fields.

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Why study Project Management at NJIT?

CPE gives you options. Project Management can be studied fully online or on our NJIT Newark campus.  You'll have access to the same outstanding facilities and professors as full-time NJIT students, plus the flexibility you need to juggle all the aspects of your life.


Eligibility for admission requires completion of an undergraduate degree in engineering, the sciences or a closely related area.

Related Degree Programs

All credits for Project Management relates in its entirety to NJIT MS in Engineering Management.

Take Note

Check the course descriptions for more information. Some courses have prerequisites and must be taken in order.

Faculty Advisor: A. Bladikis

Please check the Registrar's website for full course listings and course profiles.

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